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Sun Times Feature Story

Hallandale High football program sends 22 athletes to the next level

  When you first enter the doors of Bannan Law Firm, you will immediately get a sense of what the managing partner, Courtney Jared Bannan, is all about. From the books on the shelf to the wide array of art and items she has gathered in her travels, the firm embodies a personal touch.
    “People come to lawyers because they have issues or problems they cannot handle alone”, she explains. “My job is not only to provide zealous representation, but to also alleviate the worry and frustration they are feeling – the stuff that keeps you up at night. Having a frank discussion about realistic expectations helps foster a healthy approach to the legal process. “  
   Ms. Bannan is also an adjunct professor of law at Nova Southeastern University, where she has been teaching Law Office Management to second and third year law students since 2011. “Being a lawyer and running a business are two different concepts”, she states. “Learning the balance of being a lawyer and being in the business of law can be an arduous task when you first hang your shingle. On top of teaching the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar, I try to give practical hands-on lessons so they are going through the process as if they are in the trenches already. They have to balance trust accounts, write letters to clients, design a logo and handle all the various issues that come up when running your own business”.
    Bannan Law Firm is a general practice law firm but focuses on complex business litigation, international business, immigration, family law and real estate. “I like taking cases that help people.  Before opening my own firm, I worked as a managing attorney for a mid-sized firm. I missed helping people, because that is why I went to law school – to be a voice for people who are having real legal struggles. When I have truly helped someone out of a legal situation, I feel elated. Often, my clients become my friends due to the shared experience”.
    Bannan Law prides itself on being “a neighborhood law firm”. “I come from a small town where the lawyers took care of the family for all their legal needs”, says Ms. Bannan. I truly believe that it’s important to be a part of the community and never lose site that legal issues are personal, even when it’s your business. I know that my clients work hard, so I make time when they have time, and I am flexible with their schedule.” From wills, trusts, business issues, immigration, family law and general civil litigation, the attorney’s at Bannan Law Firm are available for consultations. In addition to being barred in the state of Florida, Ms. Bannan is federally barred in the Northern, Middle and Southern Districts of the United States District Courts and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.
   Although she runs a busy practice, Ms. Bannan has even been known to make house calls. “Sometimes you meet someone who needs a little extra care – I don’t mind meeting people close to their place of employment on their lunch break or coming in on the weekend.” When the office is closed, the phone is still answered and calls directed to one of the attorneys “We are here for our clients all hours”, she says.
    She manages do all of this with a help from modern conveniences. “I love technology” says Ms. Bannan. “We stay on top of the trends so we can provide state of the art service to all of our clients”. We reach across the entire globe that way, and we find local solutions for our client’s global concerns. We also believe in transparency, our clients can log on to our case management system and send us messages, download documents, view their invoices and balances. They are able to be as much of a part of the process as they choose; that way they feel in control of their situation.  
    Ms. Bannan has a juris doctorate with an International Concentration. “The world is getting smaller due to advances in technology – there is a real need for knowledge of international law to avoid legal issues.  People are reaching across the globe to do business like it is across the street - as lawyers, we need to also keep in mind that we are counselors – not only do we help people who are in legal situations, we must also counsel and protect them  from getting in  legal situations in the first place”. Ms. Bannan represents many international companies and handles their day to day issues to stave off any possible legal ramifications.
   Prior to law school, Ms. Bannan was a writer for an international trade publication and is a published author. “I love what I do. I can stay up all night reading case law and drafting briefs and motions,” she states.  As a litigator, Ms. Bannan does not shy away from the court house. “I was a child stage actress, she explains. “Growing up on stage prepared me for public speaking and orating. There is an art to presenting a clear argument and rebuttal in court. That art is exciting to me”.
In her free time, Ms. Bannan is a certified registered yoga instructor and equestrian. She lives on the beach with her two children.   

Bannan Law Firm is located at 3325 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 402, Hollywood, Florida 33021. The office number is 954-534-9316. Visit to learn more about the firm and its team members.