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Sun Times Feature Story


Sun Times 08/16/2018

Bringing Back

Car - Buying


Smart Auto Dealz Has Found The Right Formula To Put The Customers First

The reputation that auto dealers have earned through the years has not been a positive one.

So many of us fear the task of heading out to make a car purchase, and we are not alone. Everything that you have to go through to just narrow down your choices can be harrowing - at best.

For over 20 years, George Mann and Phillip Davis have gained a passion for the auto industry - and after starting out in New York, both have gravitated towards south Florida and the passion lives on.

What these south Florida transplants have been able to do since opening their impressive, reliable and honest Smart Auto Dealz in Hallandale Beach is educate and pass on their knowledge to many of their customers.

“What this industry has become is something that we are often paying the price for,” said Mann. “Phillip and I grew up appreciating and knowing all about the car industry - and that is something that many cannot claim.”

Because both understand autos from every angle, they are what was needed in an industry where making a buck is the only concern. Mann and Davis know everything about cars and continue to impress everyone with a grasp of every phase of the operation.

“We both have vast knowledge of cars and what makes them run,” Mann explained. “The most important thing for both of us in this business is to put ourselves in the customer’s position. What would we want? What are the things that we would feel that is important?”

Going to school to learn about cars is always helpful when you have a business that deals with autos of all makes and years. But both will admit that knowing about cars is great, but understanding how to treat your clients is what will ultimately keep this business afloat.

In today’s car buying world, shortcuts do not work over the long haul. Honesty and knowledge have been the key - and that is why every auto auction both attend, they have a huge advantage of knowing what models are popular and which ones are selling faster. They also have the ability to know about recalls and which autos are having problems.

“To have a technical background has been everything,” Mann said. “That way when we sell a car, we have gone over the entire vehicle and the customer rides out of here very happy - and stays that way.”

What both Mann and Davis want to ultimately bring back are the old days of car buying. They want customers to come into Smart Auto Dealz with plenty of enthusiasm and feel comfortable about choosing a car. They want to build relationships.

“Let’s face it, Mann said. “The purchase of a car is huge to so many who have saved up. If someone drives out of here and has a great experience with the vehicle, they will tell someone and they will come and keep passing the truth about what is happening here in our nice little corner of the City.”

Part of what continues to unfold at Smart Auto Dealz is trust. A client recently flew all the way from Ohio because Mann told him they had the car they were looking for. That trust not only resulted in satisfaction, but it was a direct reflection of what happens every day.

As part of the car buying process, Mann and Davis will actually point out things to their customers that will help them understand things like paying close attention to how the vehicle rides during the test drive. Identify any major issues could end up saving you a fortune.

In addition to what Smart Auto Dealz has on the lot - and there is always a great selection, they go to auctions and purchase other vehicles as well. They can get anything from “$2,000 to $100,000” - and will have it ready to go for you - with a complete inspection as well as cleaning the cars inside and out.

Besides shipping cars anywhere, Smart Auto Dealz will not bring you to their location with false claims about having a car, only to be told that it was sold moments before you arrive. They want to sell you a car, and if they have to drop a price to do it, they will.

They also buy cars for CASH, take trade-ins and consignment vehicles for their customers that do not have the time to deal with selling their car.

“Competition is a healthy thing,” Mann pointed out. “We have been successful by being up front and doing things the right way. We want to be a part of this community and south Florida for a long time. We want to treat everyone as a member of our family.”

Smart Auto Dealz
George Mann
Phillip Davis
1069 NW 1st Court
Hallandale Beach, Fl. 33009
(954) 326-8860