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Sun Times Feature Story


Sun Times Issue 09/27/2018

Defender Of Business

Looks Out For

The Little Guy

This Fort Lauderdale - Based Law Office Is All About Positive Outcomes

Fort Lauderdale - We hear the horror stories. How small businesses are bullied and eventually forced to close.

It happens every day, and there are very few people who really care about – or want to put a stop to it.

In a world where being pushed around is as common in business as it has ever been, it is indeed refreshing that you have someone in your corner, and with Adi Amit, Esq., you have an innovator in watching out for the smaller business and those being taken advantage of.

A difference maker throughout his career as an attorney, prior to opening his own office, Adi was indeed the driving force behind the creation and growth of the Employment Litigation Department of the Fort Lauderdale law firm Lubell Rosen, where he developed and implemented programs that protect the smaller businesses – often from their own employees.

This is someone who has always elevated himself to a position where he could make the most of his talents, and now, he has that opportunity.

As they embrace the grand opening of the practice in Fort Lauderdale, Adi and his wife, Milena, bring years and wealth of experience that reaches to their own families.

The experience of working hard and representing people has been in their blood.

“It’s always been about looking out for the little guy,” Adi explained. “It is something that I have always done, and now, people need us more than ever before.”

Through the years, with his military background, Adi has always been tough, never backing down, and doing everything for his clients. He is regarded as one of the best in a very talented south Florida - having been selected as a Super Lawyers Rising Star over the past several years.

In developing a strategy that would help him defend the “mom and pop” businesses, Adi used his experiences of seeing many employees attempt to rip the smaller companies off – and that is exactly why he is excited about what he and Defender of Business do.

From winning overtime suits through dismissal or after jury trials – to very topical minimum wage cases against employees, who colluded against the company they were working for, Adi has indeed been there to work for his clients every step of the way.

Because many small business owners have been programmed to know that small businesses will not be able to get in a financial fight and cannot afford strong representation in court, that is where Adi admits that many of them give up.

This is where Defender of Business steps in and changes everything.

“The cost of legal fees in this market could be $450 an hour and if you wanted to retain an attorney or the firm, it could, normally cost you Thousands of Dollars, so the little guy is backed into the corner,” Adi pointed out.” "We are cost conscious and charge less than the market value for our services so that the family businesses can receive their representation in Court."

If you have lived in south Florida for any length of time, there is no doubt that this is perhaps the “Scam Capital” of the country, for many reasons. More people from all over the world settle in this slice of paradise. A lot of foreign born individuals are used to handshake agreements, which more often than not turns into a potential lawsuits.

With many opportunities available to pull some illegal activity against businesses, Adi is there to help and head off something that could end up costing a lot of money.

One of the biggest surprises going on – especially in south Florida are the ones that you would never, ever expect.

Au pair, nanny and live-in housekeeper services have long worked out for the best in many families. But in some cases, the families who have treated their au pairs and nannys as family members are being taken advantage of because their relationship is informal - and that becomes a problem.

If you are familiar with them, a housekeeper, nanny or an au pair become part of the family, traveling and often enjoying the perks that come along with it. But you would be surprised how things turn south - in a hurry.

“If you have either had an live-in housekeeper, au pair or nanny - or know someone who has, the relationship is based on a trust and bond,” Adi explained. “But what it all comes down to is the family is NOT protected at all. Years after, they face a claim by the person who lived in their house, claiming to have worked a lot more than the actual work was. There are no time clocks or records kept. That is where we come in and fight for them."

Remember, Adi and Defender of Business continue to fight hard for the little guy - like you and I!

The drive and focus of Adi Amit is the reason that hundreds and hundreds are educated in so many phases of business.

Because Defender of Business is so concerned about the future of some of those smaller “mom and pops”, they are offering a FREE clinic to small and mid-size business owners regarding wage and hour laws and Depratment of Labor regulations, retaliation, and discrimination issues, and record-keeping requirements, every second Wednesday of the month from 4-6 p.m.

“What we want to create from this clinic is a culture of compliance with the rules and laws, and knowledge and awareness that we pass on to help businesses - especially small and new ones - protect themselves,” Adi said. “Each clinic will feature different topics that will deal with everything needed to know. We also have question and answer sessions as well, which are very important.”

Defender of Business
Adi Amit, P.A., Esq.
Milena Amit, Case Manager
101 N.E. 3rd Avenue, Suite 300
Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33301

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