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Sun Times Feature Story

Brighten Dental Care

• Dr. Chander Gupta combines modern technology with old school care and attention to his patients   



DANIA BEACH - Chander Gupta is proud of what he has learned in his over 25 years of practicing General Dentistry in south Florida. He also embraces technology that has taken nearly impossible tasks and made them almost routine.

   Nestled off U.S. 1 in historic Dania Beach, Brighten Dental Care and Dr. Gupta have been making that trip to the dentist, one that eliminates pain in the mouth - and in the wallet.

   If there are things learned in the time he spent in the profession, it's to listen to - and know - each and every patient that you see. 

Catering to their needs - will keep them satisfied and coming back.

   "The approach we always use here is to work with the patients in any way possible," Dr. Gupta explained. "We want them to be comfortable with any experience they have, so educating them, and working with them when it comes to payment is a priority for us."

   The trip to the dentist used to be one that was tedious and nerve-wracking for so many, but thanks to the latest improvements in equipment and procedures, that visit becomes more of a classroom lesson.

   No matter which room you walk into at Brighten Dental, there is modern day technology - with machinery and TVs, providing interactive information that patients can take part in while work is being done on them.

    "Sometimes if we are doing a procedure and maybe I fully cannot explain the entire thing to them, we can sit down and watch the actual event take place right there on the TV screen," Dr. Gupta explained. "To me, that is the best thing they could have come up with - because it shows and answers!" 

   For more, see Brighten Dental’s ad on Page 2A.