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Sun Times Feature Story

Community Game Changer - Oscar Llorente's energy and vision has made a major impact

By Larry Blustein
If you work anywhere in South Florida, the name Oscar Llorente is as familiar as the Atlantic beaches along our sun-drenched coastline.

His energy and passion for promoting every community and for being such a positive ambassador of a bright future, is what he’s always been about.

For the past 18 years, Llorente has been one of the faces of Mount Sinai Medical Center in Aventura, where he is the Community Relations and Outreach Manager, after coming up through the ranks, learning at every step.

It’s through that position that he has been able to make an impact - by connecting and interacting with the community on a daily basis. He has also been able to broaden his reach by interacting with physicians, nurses, managers, administrators and patients.

“Not another job like it,” Llorente said. “I don’t know about other people, but when I promote and talk positive about something, I truly believe in it myself. To me, Mount Sinai Medical Center is at the cutting edge of medical technology, and I get to talk about it all the time.”

Through his position with Mount Sinai Medical Center, Llorente has also been fortunate to interact with government leaders, social services administrators, and the public as well.

In addition, his chance to network with area chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, businesses, and other healthcare providers have also broadened his reach and has gotten him involved with so many different events, fundraisers and other public and community relations functions.

Llorente’s impact on South Florida has been felt directly by Hollywood and Hallandale Beach, where his dedication and tremendous leadership has been instrumental with the Art and Culture Center, and by the Hallandale Beach Chamber of Commerce.

As the Vice Chair for nearly 12 years, Llorente has worked overtime to make the Hollywood Art and Culture Center very special. He had the opportunity to work with everyone - locally and statewide.

“I am getting the chance to live my passion for the arts while helping with something that is so vital in South Florida,” Llorente pointed out. “The events that we have the chance to host are among the best you will find anywhere. Raising money is so much easier when you share the passion with others.”

As a Past President of the Hallandale Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Llorente was aboard since February 2009, where he formed business to business networking, face-to-face marketing opportunities and stimulated business relationships through events at local organizations. In addition, he helped to support businesses whose goal is to further the interests of the business community.

“The Chamber has been one of those passions of mine,” Llorente said. “To have the opportunity to be a part of an organization that has so many dedicated people, working so hard to help the businesses and residents of Hallandale Beach, is something that I truly relish.”

For nearly two decades, Llorente has been one of the promotional faces of Mount Sinai Medical Center in Aventura. He has successfully developed and implemented community outreach programs including social & community awareness incentives.

Also, he created programs that promote Mount Sinai’s image in a positive and community-oriented way, such as coordinating healthcare events, fairs and lectures to incorporate physicians and services into the community.

“If you know me, you already understand that I have never been about recognition and awards,” Llorente points out. “What this is for me is to be energetic and to surround myself with the same type of people. That’s how I have always approached things.”

Because he reaches out to so many business contacts that he has made throughout the years, and the fact that he knows the medical profession from so many different angles, Llorente has always been able to handle a heavy workload. That is what he has long been about.

In a region that has so many impact business leaders - there are very few game-changers like Oscar Llorente!