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Sun Times Feature Story

Telemedicine now available

• At Healthy Hallandale Medical Center With Great Results From Every Patient

HALLANDALE Progressive Telemedicine now available at Healthy Hallandale Medical Center with great results


   You wake up in the morning, your throat is sore and the thought of getting in the car and taking a ride to see the doctor is not the first thing on your mind.

    As you wait for that moment to feel just a little bit better, so you can get some medication to start improving, you are beginning to get tired and wear down from not feeling well. In the past, it would be a matter of pushing yourself to see the doctor. But now there is an alternative. One that you can get only at Healthy Hallandale Medical Center.

   Welcome to Telemedicine - where the transmission of medical data from patient to doctor via phone, live video conference or email can take place from the comfort of your own home and provide that relief until you can get to the office.

   The idea is just another in the long line of what has made Dr. Cornell Calinescu so progressive in a medical community often tempted to go up and beyond, but never takes the time to see what positive results will come out of it.

   "This is perfectly legal and something that serves as a bridge for our patients until they feel better and come in to the office for more treatment and a follow-up," said Dr. Calinescu. "Telemedicine is really the future of medicine, and we wanted to be on that ground floor."

   Telemedicine is easy and very effective in diagnosing as patient and doctor have that one-one-one visual contact along with a great way of communicating when they are not feeling so well. It's as easy as establishing a medium (laptop, tablet, home computer or phone) to provide the direct communication.


If you have been looking for more information on telemedicine or any of the many services at Healthy Hallandale Medical Center, call 954-Healthy.