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Sun Times Feature Story

FDA Approves Non-Surgical Face Lift

The Lunchtime Face Lift!!

   FDA approves non-surgical, "lunchtime face lift and that is good news for those who do not want to go under the knife." This non-invasive treatment is accomplished in one session, in one hour at a small fraction of the cost of a traditional face lift.

Look 10 years younger

   If you are one of the 72 million baby boomers out there this procedure may be just the solution to looking 10 years younger. Regardless of how much time and energy we put into being fit, we just can't avoid certain changes that come with aging.

   One of our first and most noticeable signs of aging is that sagging skin on our face and "turkey" neck. As we age we all experience a natural loss of skin elasticity.

   Although we have maintained a healthy lifestyle we are all subject to this process. Unfortunately, there aren't any exercises that can remedy this aging process. Some say that the sagging skin can add 10 years to our looks.

Lifts face, neck and eyebrows

   Fortunately there is a new facial service that can take 10 to 15 years off your looks. This new face and neck firming treats the face, neck, eyebrows, sagging jowls, wrinkles and folds that are inevitable for the Baby Boomer generation.  This unique procedure is done without incisions and will lift and tighten up the face, neck and eyebrows. This new method is safe, affordable and highly effective.

Non-surgical lift "Ultherapy"

   The Ultherapy device works by means of ultrasound (sound waves) to safely penetrate the skin and treat the foundation layer of muscle and tissue that holds your face up. The machine is unique (only one on the market today) in its ability to reach this foundation layer without creating any heat or feeling on your skin. The ultrasound will be focused and treat the same foundation layer that facelift surgery does without the risk, recovery or downtime. You can go back to work the same day.

Hollywood stars opt for "Ultherapy"

   Many Hollywood stars have opted for Ultherapy due to its effectiveness and the natural appearance it leaves, unlike surgical face lifts. Ultherapy has been seen on Dr. Oz, Doctors TV, Rachael Ray, the View and has been featured in Vogue and Bazaar.

Complimentary consultation

   For a complimentary consultation at our Plantation or Boca office call today at 954-440-1831. You'll be glad you did.