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Sun Times Feature Story

Beach Club Adult Centers Offers A Complete Lifestyle

  Located in the heart of Hallandale Beach – within minutes of Hollywood and Aventura – the objective of good health, companionship and active well-being is at the core of this newly opened facility.
   Normally, adult day care is used to relieve the caregiver or his or her duties for the day while ensuring that the care the recipient will still receive is the proper care in a safe, friendly environment. These centers usually operate during normal business hours five days a week, and some centers also offer additional services during evenings and weekends. That’s not the case here.
   When coming up with a plan that would make this one of the most unique adult day care facilities around. the owners of the Beach Club Adult Center have put an amazing amount of time, effort and attention in creating an oasis that strives to differentiate itself from often “outdated and uninspired” adult day cares that have dotted the landscape in recent years.
   "What makes us different is that we run the center as a social club - we go beyond just care,” said owner Paul Portnoy. “We designed the whole place around our core slogan of health, companionship and active well being. Our staff is young and so are the activities we want to provide. Best example are our Ipad classes, where we help connect to grandchildren and friends. We go with the times and help bridge the gap to a more active life. Learning something new or just socializing can really do a lot for over all happiness and health.”
   Anyone will tell you that an idle mind sometimes can contribute to health woes in many, but at the Beach Club Adult Center that will never happen. From the second you come in, you are stimulated in every way, and that, many will tell is the greatest selling point of any facility of this kind.

   The bright, welcoming, state-of-the art facility provides a stimulating environment, for anyone 65 and older. It is the perfect way to completely spend your days.
   Since opening less than a month ago, the word is out – and everyone in south Florida is checking out the months of renovation and remodeling that include several classrooms, live music, games and billiard rooms, hair & nail salon, cinema and relaxing lounges.
   "Our main concern with the majority of people in that age group is depression,” Portnoy explained. “We want to combat loneliness and introduce people to new experiences with out the badge of a boring day care. A happy life is a longer life.”

   There is always something available to fill the day. Something that has already been extremely popular with the guests. Staff, instructors and teachers offer specifically tailored activities such as:
   Language classes, Computer and iPad classes to manage skype and communications. Also, Yoga and movement therapy, card games, board games, Pool/Billiards, Karaoke with Evergreen hits in several languages. Add in Arts and Crafts of various levels, dance lessons, nutrition and health classes as well as classes on specific conditions, social help, hair styling, manicure, massage, and trips and excursions, and you have something that is indeed the total experience.
   Open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, the Beach Club Adult Center provides guests with breakfast, lunch, snacks and transportation. Groups of private or Medicaid long term care (LTC) enrolled guests usually spend about 6 hours per day, engaging in activities that provide them that total lifestyle.
   “When you walk into our facility, the first thing that you will notice is how wide open everything is, Portnoy said. “We have three walls and clear glass, so everything is open and interaction during the day is great.”

    While adult day care can be a great resource for caregivers, many refuse to consider this option. Some worry that their loved ones will resent participating in such a program, while others feel guilty at the thought of leaving their loved ones in another person’s care. This is what Portnoy and his staff have been talking about. In addition to all the services provided, the Beach Club Adult Center can help improve the care of the recipient’s life as well, providing the caregiver with much-needed time off.
    There are many facilities out there who can make claims to get you in the door. But at the Beach Club Adult Center, once you check it out for yourself, you will see that this is the place to be!

2500 East Hallandale Beach Blvd.
Suite T
Hallandale Beach, Fl. 33009