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Sun Times 07/05/2018
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Sun Times Feature Story

Dr Donooway

New Trial for Patients with Advanced and Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Available Now

Are you, or someone you know, being treated for Advanced or Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer with chemotherapy alone?

If so, you may want to contact Dr. Robert Donoway at AtlasOncology in Hollywood/Aventura, Florida, regarding a new trial combining multimodality therapy in combination with Pancreatic Nanoknife Ablation and with chemo-immuno-radiotherapy. With over 35 years experience performing pancreatic surgery here in Tri-county South Florida, Dr. Donoway saw what others as well recognize, that often because of late diagnosis, up to 85% of the patients undergoing pancreatic surgery for potential cure, already had metastatic disease that limited the benefit they might get from the Whipple surgery. Today, recent evidence shows that when even advanced disease is treated aggressively in a multimodality integrated approach, incorporating Nanoknife surgery, long term survivorship of many years can be achieved; especially when compared to chemotherapy alone, as mono-modality therapy. Dr. Donoway has been a pioneer in the use of Pancreatic NanoKnife, especially for complex and advanced cases and during the past decade, remains the only surgical oncologist performing the procedure in South Florida. International Patients from around the globe have traveled to receive this groundbreaking treatment; which is FDA approved. Dr. Donoway has also treated other advanced cancers, such as liver, breast and sarcomas using Nanoknife surgery. The average procedure lasts approximately 1-2 hours and has a brief recovery which means the patient can start chemotherapy and radiation that much sooner. Dr. Donoway feels that “we are long overdue to revise our approach to treating pancreatic cancer, which has remained unchanged in essentially over 80 years and has just broken the 9-10% five year survival barrier. Only through thinking outside the box, will we accomplish the positive. Otherwise, all we’re doing is confirming Einstein’s definition of Insanity.” Dr. Donoway is participating in several clinical studies identifying the best chemotherapy and immunotherapies to be used along with Nanoknife, Dr. Donoway states, "The results so far, have been very encouraging and we have begun using it for other select cancers. Among his longest survivors, are now patients with over eight years and without evidence of cancer recurrence. In the past, without Nanoknife, they would have been likely to have only lived a year or so, this technique opens a whole new avenue for treating those eligible patients in a more targeted fashion." Dr. Donoway will be presenting the long-term results of this pancreatic treatment paradigm, later this fall at an international cancer society in Europe.

For more information about Dr. Donoway and the Pancreatic-IRE/NanoKnife Program and clinical trials, call: (954) 986-6366 or (305) 682-1995. Visit:

R.B. Donoway, MD, FACS, FSSO Senior Attending Surgical Oncologist; Pancreas, Hepato-Biliary Section Medical Director:

• ATLAS ONCOLOGY - The Institute for Pancreas, Liver and Advanced Cancer Ablation

• Institute for Cancer Prevention

• Former Medical Director: Memorial Cancer Center

• Former Chief of Surgery Memorial Regional Hospital

• Former Chairman Cancer Committee Memorial Healthcare System Aventura Comprehensive Cancer Aventura Comprehensive Cancer Program

• Former Chairman Nutrition Committee Memorial Regional Hospital

• Former Cancer Liaison Physician Am Coll Surg Aventura Cancer Program Memorial Cancer Program

• Former Regional President Am CancerSoc-Florida/Broward

• Former Chairman Medical Evaluation and Advisory Comm Florida Div American Cancer Society

• Former Chairman Grants Review Florida Div American Cancer Society Founding Medical Advisory BD Committee Gildas Club Foundation South Florida

The Donoway Center for Cancer Treatment and Prevention 4000 Hollywood Blvd Presidential Circle Suite N 160 Hollywood Fl 33021

954-986-6366- Hollywood Ofc

305-682-4993-Aventura Ofc



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