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Sun Times Feature Story

Sun Times Pages 11.15.2018

Hallandale Beach Landmark Going Strong!

Hallandale Beach Landmark Gets A Complete Facelift & Adds Many Positives

Just when you thought that Sage Bagel & Appetizer Shop in Hallandale Beach couldn’t get any better…it did!

With a compete facelift of this landmark facility on Hallandale Beach Boulevard, the bar has been raised once again, and you can feel it as soon as you walk through the doors.

If you have lived in or visited South Florida for any length of time, you know all about the great food and tremendous service. Since 1973, everyone has flocked to the eastern part of the city to meet and talk about the local news, what’s going on at Gulfstream Park or chat about family and friends.

When Milton and Iris Fuerst opened in 1973, they did it with the idea of bringing the best of the best from a region of the country that knew all about a great bagel and what a real deli was all about.

Through the years, Sage Bagel has indeed become the epicenter of what a bagel should taste like. It has set standards in a competitive business that has lasted.

With a renovation of the entire store, customers will notice the new flooring and ceilings, bright paint and takeout area, with deli cases of grab and go items, as well as prepared foods that have been popular through the decades.

These days, Iris and her son, Harvey continue to elevate this business that has earned a reputation of serving kosher style foods that brings customers back for more.

“It was time to make some changes and give our customers something fresh and new,” Iris pointed out. “We have been such a huge part of this community for 45 years, and that is why it was important to upgrade.”

What Sage Bagel & Deli has built their reputation on through the years is serving quality food and a bagel that you just cannot find anywhere else. It was the many New York transplants who first started to pack the restaurant during the season to experience what they have back home.
The experience of walking into a deli and inhaling the aromas of meats, fish, soups, baked goods and roasted chickens, is what many fondly remember.

Prepared Foods Have Always Been Great
“In the beginning, it was about educating those people who grew up here about what a traditional deli should be all about,” Harvey explained. “Seeing display cases filled with deli meats, such as corned beef, turkey breast, brisket, pastrami, beef tongue, salami and kosher style fish such as poached salmon, lox/nova, smoked whitefish, sable, sturgeon and herring was something that many down here never had the opportunity to see.”

In addition to the deli meats and fish, there are several varieties of Italian and Mediterranean dishes that generations of customers planned their week around picking out an assortment of delights, such as meatballs and spaghetti, eggplant parmigiana, stuffed cabbage, rotisserie chicken and turkey, potato kugel, kasha and potato latkes.

The Food Is Outstanding
By now Sage Bagel and Appetizer Shop has earned a solid reputation for the food. From early morning breakfast, to overstuffed sandwiches for lunch, no one leaves disappointed.

Sage’s breakfast menu is extensive. There are 10 different kinds of omelets and eggs any style, with your choice of yummy sides such as bacon, sausage and corned beef hash. Sage’s signature breakfast is their famous lox, eggs and onions, with a hot crisp bagel, of course! In addition there is challah French toast, pancakes, blintzes, matzoh brie, grits and oatmeal. Everything is made from scratch and is outstanding!

Sage has long been a lunch destination, with crowds gathering inside and outdoors to get their oversized deli sandwiches or their well-known and loved homemade matzoh ball soup. If you’re in the mood for something grilled there are several items from which to choose, like burgers, fries, fried fish, reubens, and Hebrew National Franks. Their Rachel is a favorite delicious sandwich!

Also earning a reputation for the homemade soups, Sage rolls out chicken noodle, turkey vegetable, matzoh ball, mushroom barley, or soup of the day! Sage offers special menu items for the Jewish holidays such as Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Hannukkah with everything from appetizers to dessert. Sage also has a full Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

Bagels Are King!
While Harvey and Iris would never reveal the secrets to Sage having the best bagel in South Florida, customers have been enjoying the many varieties of bagels such as, plain, poppy, onion, garlic, salt, jalapeño, whole wheat, cinnamon raisin, marble, rye, pumpernickel and bran, for decades. The “everything” bagel is a real crowd pleaser!

In addition, the bakery has a huge selection of favorites such as onion pockets, onion board (pretzel), bialys, bagel chips, challah and rye bread, along with sweet treats as babka, checkerboard layer cake, strudel and the world-famous rugelach.

“People will come here and just purchase bakery goods” Iris pointed out. It has always been that way. And even with a change in the clientele, that won’t change. Everyone loves fresh bakery items.”

Catering & Baskets For All Occasions
Sage has a great selection of baskets that can please anyone for any occasion. There are 3 different sizes and they’re packed with delicious items such as crackers, jellies, sardines, fancy sodas, tuna, candy, packaged cheese, fruit and wine. Sage will custom-make them for you too!

Dinner Is Served
As part of the renovation, Sage will be serving full dinners very soon, bringing back homestyle favorites that everyone will love.

“This is something that I know will be popular,” Harvey said. “Our customers have long been asking why we aren’t open for dinner, so we will be now and we are very excited about the menu and special nights we’re planning.”

In addition to the traditional favorites like stuffed cabbage, sliced BBQ beef, sliced beef brisket, rotisserie chicken and turkey off the bone, Sage Bagel will feature different themed nights that will please diners.

“In keeping with our diverse community, we will have themed menu dinners like Spanish night, Italian night, as well as serving up so many delicious dinners at great prices that will keep customers coming back,” Iris said. “We are so excited about everything happening around here. It’s like being in a new home again.”

Social Media/Specials
Part of the new look at Sage Bagel will be the way that Iris, Harvey and the staff will continue to reach out with specials and social media-related perks and ads, that will help them stay in touch. With the addition of the “Birthday Club” more people are taking advantage of the free meal on their birthday! Sage’s Belly Loyalty Club gives points every time a customer comes in to receive discounts on their next meal.

“It is important for us to have children’s specials and to put our events on social media,” Iris said. “We have been such a big part of Hallandale Beach and the surrounding communities for so long, we want to keep that line of communication going with plenty of information.”

Sage Bagel and Deli is open 7 days a week. They deliver and have online ordering. Ask for Iris…she is always happy to greet you!

Sage Bagel & Appetizer Shop
800 E Hallandale Beach Blvd
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
(954-456-3699 - fax)

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