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Sun Times Feature Story

Making Your Holiday Meals Special This Year 

   AVENTURA - With the High Holidays just around the corner, there are so many things to do. One of those very important parts of any checklist is making sure that you have your meals in order for the many family members that will be headed to your home.

   What used to take a long time to accomplish, is now as easy as picking up your phone or heading over to see what the Kosher Kingdom family has cooking this year.

   Aventura's popular Glatt Kosher market is a clean, 10,000-square-foot market that you has everything for the holidays - and much, much more. One visit to this impressive market tells you all you need to know.

   Whether you are planning a festive Rosh Hashanah dinner or a joyful "Break-the-Fast" with the entire family, you will find everything you need at Kosher Kingdom, where everything is supervised by a rabbi.

   In addition, Kosher Kingdom will also cater all your other specialoccasions, including Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Brisses and Shivas. When it’s time to send a gift, one of the beautiful baskets is sure to please anyone. 

   As you shop these spacious aisles and appealing deli cases, you also have to remember that Kosher Kingdom is not just for holidays or special occasions. The market offers the finest kosher foods every day of the year.



• The deli counter is replete with mouthwatering Jewish foods , including fresh salads, chicken, meats and fish, moist stuffed cabbage, and bite-size potato bourekas. 

   “Our customers tell us our corned beef sandwiches make them feel like they’re in New York,” says Philip Einhorn, who is a partner in the business with his father, Michael.  “Our chefs are very creative and are always trying something new, although we also always have the traditional favorites.”

• The bakery is busy long before dawn, and by the time the store opens, the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked challahs, dinner rolls, cakes and cookies wafts through the air. 

   “We use only natural ingredients,” Philip says. “We also have sugar-free items for those who prefer them or require them for health reasons.”

• The butcher shop has a wide selection of the finest quality meats and poultry delivered daily from the most reputable kosher meat purveyors. Specialty cut beef, Bet Yosef beef and CHK chickens are also available.  

   “Our homemade sausages, made with chicken, veal, lamb or turkey, are a favorite of just about everybody,” Philip says. “They’re just spicy enough. And when someone is planning a barbecue, our delicious kebobs are always a hit."

• Pizza King, located next to the deli, offers yummy pies that include traditional toppings as well as innovative selections such as Greek, taco, breakfast, spinach, four cheese and veggie varieties.

• The Wine Cellar features the largest variety of kosher wines, as well as the best prices, in South Florida. Choose from a variety of vintages from California, France, Italy and South America. 

   “Whether a person prefers dry, fruity or sweet wines, we have what they’re looking for,” Philip says.



   Friendly staff at Kosher Kingdom can help you plan your menu or suggest one of the scrumptious complete dinner packages available for the holidays. 

   “Our selection of prepared foods is one of the things our customers love most about us,” Philip says. “People know they can depend on us to provide them with foods that are fresh and delicious. We offer both traditional recipes and, for those looking for something a little different, some creative fare to add zest to the table.”

   Choose from dishes like tasty chicken schnitzel, sesame or Hawaiian-style chicken, juicy barbecued beef ribs, flavorful empanadas, fluffy rice or couscous, and sushi, to name just a few. 

   “We want to provide our customers with enough variety so they can come in often and never be bored,” Philip says. “It gives us a lot of satisfaction to know that we are making someone’s dining experience, whether it is with family and friends or just one person, something special.”



   Kosher Kingdom makes ordering simple. You can visit their easy-to-navigate website at, where you will find colorful photographs and a complete online inventory of meats, groceries and wines. You can also sign up for their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, or use their iPhone app. “Of course, a regular phone call or fax is also fine,” Philip says. “And we truly enjoy it when our customers visit us in person to browse and see all that we have to offer. We like to get to know them and what they enjoy.”



   Now Shipping World Wide! Call 305-792-7988 ask for Emilio and for details about door to door service anywhere in the USA, Puerto Rico, Caribbean and Venezuela. Our well-trained staff are available to assist you in placing your order. No order is too large or too small. Let us ship care packages to your campers! We ship it all, fresh meats & poultry, frozen foods, grocery, cheese, prepared foods, candy, Judaica and more. Check out our new boxes! We have the largest inventory in Florida and our reputation says it all! 




   Your holidays will be more memorable and meaningful if there is no stress involved, and a complete, prepared dinner from Kosher Kingdom will go a long way toward making them that way. Place your order now for one of these easy packages.




Choose one of the following entrees:

Roasted Chicken Package 

(5 roasted chickens) $249.00

Roasted Turkey Package (14-16 lbs) $329.00

Beef Brisket Package (4 lbs) $329.00


Your meal includes:

• 4 Quarts Homemade Chicken Soup.

• 1 Dozen Light and Fluffy Matzo Balls.

• 1 Large Pan Potato Kugel - 

The Real Deal!

• 2 LB. Traditional Carrot Tzimmes.

• 12 Pieces Old World Style Gefilte Fish.

• Horse Radish.

• String Bean Almondine.

• Natural Stock Gravy.



String Beans Almondine, Egg Barley W/Mushrooms. Carrot Tzimmes, Kasha Varnishkas, Potato Kugel, Noodle Kugel (Sweet), Chopped Liver, Cole Slaw, Health Salad, Chinese Fried Rice, Stuffed Cabbage and Sweet Meatballs.



PACKAGES (10 Person Minimum)

Traditional Salad Platter (servers 12) $99

Tuna salad, egg salad, cream cheese, tomato/cucumber, freshly baked bagels 

or rolls


Fish Fantasy Platter (serves 12) $149.00

Smoked salmon, tuna salad, whitefish salad, egg salad, cream cheese, tomato/cucumber, freshly baked bagels or rolls


Deluxe Fish Fantasy Platter (serves 12) $189

Large smoked whitefish, smoked salmon, smoked sable, baked salmon, cream cheese, tomato/cucumber, freshly baked bagels or rolls.


All Items Are Offered Al La Carte

Egg salad, tuna salad, whitefish salad, smoked whitefish, smoked sable, pickled herring, cole slaw, potato salad, health salad, cucumber salad, pasta salad.