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Sun Times Feature Story

The Honest Approach To Mortgages And Lending With Hypotech

  When Frederic Abitbol and Nathalie Elbaz talk about Hypotec being "The Future In Lending," it comes from over a decade of experience in this competitive world, and plenty of hours in finding the right formula.
With a new office in Florida, this team is eager to show Floridians what they can do with their mortgages.
   Like a breath of fresh air, these  mortgage specialists take the utmost pride in developing a long-standing relationship with their clients based on honesty and transparency.
   "I have an open door policy with everyone. Just call and see what I can do for you. It's always fun to hear how surprised people get when I show them how much money they can save," Abitbol explained.
   Since the summer, they have been laying the foundation for one of the most unique full service mortgage companies you will find - right here in south Florida, one of the most diverse and challenging areas in the world.
    They have learned that by educating their clients in mortgages, it gives them more confidence and helps to reduce any stress that may arise.
    "Education and not sending the client in every direction is what has made us successful. In addition, being available any time of day is the personal service that so many others lack,” Abitbol added.
   That personal touch and ability to answer questions without intimidating the client has been a proven winner in every state both Abitbol and Elbaz, a lawyer, have worked in.

   From commercial to residential real estate, Hypotec and its fully qualified staff can steer you through some of the most important decisions you can make, and that is what has separated this company from the competition in the 10 states they continue to do business in.
   "Everyone is focused on the interest rate, which is understand- able, but making a decision of a lifetime - like purchasing a home or business - needs to be based on more than the rate," said Abitbol. "The experience of qualifying for any investment is a long term decision and if you treat it in any other manner, you are missing out on the entire process."
   In the 10 plus years that Hypotec has been serving its many clients, there has never been a foreclosure - which backs up this clean track record of never hiding anything from clients. Being an educated consumer, in all cases, is the only way to go - and if you speak to anyone who continues to do business with Abitbol, Elbaz and the entire company, they will tell you that the experience has been positive.
   As they watch their cell phones light up around the clock, this husband and wife team, raised in Montreal, but educated in the competitive business world in the United States as well as abroad, is working every day to learn and give their clients the best services possible.

   From Renovation Loans to Purchase Loans, Jumbo Loans, Foreign National Loans and Conventional Loans, Hypotec handles it all - and while so many mortgage companies are quick to farm out their business to others, everything they do is handled right in their offices that will be expanding to North Miami for the new year.
   "Having an advantage of doing everything right from our office is the main selling point to anyone who has ever had to go through the process of qualifying for a mortgage or anything that goes along with it," Elbaz explained. "This is not something that has come overnight. We have spent years perfecting something that we believe is the wave of the future."

    In a world of stacks of paper and contracts that could be hundreds of pages, Abitbol and Elbaz have stepped into the future, using electronic services in a paperless world. The use of a computer, tablet or phone can open a new world for anyone - and the best part of it all is that it's by one of the most secure encryption process the market has to offer.
   “Securing our clients’ information and privacy is our top priority.”
   A click of a mouse or a slide of a finger can expedite the entire process - in just one of the many services and upgrades that this company has made in an industry that is known to slow down when too many steps are involved.
   When analyzing the industry as a whole, Abitbol and Elbaz realized that what was needed was a more simplified way to get documents in.
    “No one has the time or patience anymore to start faxing in hundreds of papers so our team of I.T specialists are developing a website for us that will allow our clients to drag and drop their documents right onto our secure website. No more hassles and the environment wins”.

   You might be paying too much for your mortgage. Remember a 30-year fixed may not be the answer to those who are looking to sell within 5-10 years.
    Keep your money in your pocket where it belongs. Contact Hypotec to see if you qualify for a better mortgage!

   With as little as 30% down, foreign nationals can get a mortgage for a U.S. property and save a lot of money by avoiding the exchange rate.
   If you don't have a realtor, it's no problem at all. Hypotec works with the best in the industry and can put you in contact with the top realtor in your area.

    Do you own a property with a high value that requires a Jumbo loan? Hypotec will lend up to 89.9% loan-to- value with no mortgage insurance.
   In addition, you can get a lower interest rate better tailored to your specific needs.

    If you are a first time home buyer, Hypotec is the perfect place for you. Purchasing a home or business needs to be based on more than the rate. Abitbol and Elbaz will talk you through every step of the process and show you what loan structure is right for you.
    "We do not want anyone to be overwhelmed by this process, with all the information thrown in your direction," Abitbol explained. "Don't get stuck paying more for your mortgage than you need to. As I said before, it is our objective to make applying for a loan very simple."

   If you are thinking of fixing up to enjoy your home or property - or you want to make it more attractive to sell, Hypotec can give you an opportunity to do that at a lower cost than you ever imagined.
   Why dip into your hard-earned savings when you can get a lower interest loan that will help put money back in your pocket!

NMLS ID #331734.

11900 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 106 (Jan. 1, 2015)
North Miami, Fl. 33181
Frederic Abitbol
Cell - 213-280-2008
Business - 866-950-4625, ext. 2222
Fax - 866-644-2064

Nathalie Elbaz
Cell - 305-746-8881
Business - 866-950-4625, ext. 2223
Fax - 866-644-2064