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Sun Times Feature Story

Discount Liquors spreading cheer with first class service

When most people think about liquor stores, they talk beer, wine and various vodkas, rums, gins and many other blends. But Shekhar Reddy is not like most people.
When Reddy talks about a liquor store, his approach is much different than most. The owner of 8 discount Liquor Stores from No-

North Miami Beach to Deerfield Beach, his businesses go way beyond coming into pick up a six-pack to watch a game – or to bring a nice bottle of wine to a gathering.

What Reddy and his staff have provided in the 23 years he has been in this area, is to give customers what they want. Always bend over backwards to make sure that the customer you are dealing with today - is that same satisfied customer that returns next week - next month.

“If we don’t have it, we will get it for you,” Reddy stated. “The reason we have been successful is we stock our shelves with everything possible. You provide something that others cannot.”

While stocking those shelves with everything that they can fit in their spacious locations, the staff at all the stores, are friendly courteous and knowledgeable.

“The key to any successful business is to know your product,” Reddy explained. “Everyone who works in all of our locations know our wine selection, understand that we have beers from all over the world – and can help in many other ways.”

From mixers such as sodas and juices – to snacks – the one thing that many overlook is the help that those who work in the store can provide. At Discount Liquors, helping to plan that party, gathering – or any other event is important.

“While there are people who know exactly what they want when they come into any of our stores, there are others who need help,” Reddy states. “That’s where we have the people who can help make their event successful.”

The moment you walk into any of the locations, you will be sold. Bottles and displays in every direction. Labels that we know all about – while others that are new and different.

What Discount Liquors does, is make the time you are in their stores special. Browsing the array of vodka is mind-boggling. From Svedka to Skyy, Deep Eddy, New Amsterdam, Seagram’s, Burnett’s, Grey Goose, Tito’s, Stolichnaya, Smirnoff and many others. So are the beers.

From all the favorites, including Jamaica’s Red Stripe, to some that are not so traditional, such as: Sweetwater IPA, Sweetwater, Blue and Sweetwater 420; as well as Holy Mackerel, Einstock, Newcastle Brown Ale, Kalik, Magic Hat and Sapporo.

“We also stock Blue Moon, Samuel Adams and several labels that are new to everyone down here,” Reddy said. “It’s a matter of that wow factor when shoppers come into our stores. Plenty of color and great bottles that catch the eye of everyone.”

Walk around any of the stores and your eyes will be pulled in every direction. Old time favorites such as Single Malt Whisky, Scotch Whisky, Bourbons and other unique blends. There are also Gins, Cristal, Greek Ouzo, delicious Kahlua; popular Jagermeister and Tequilas that will impress.

The wine selection is overwhelming. You can walk up and down aisles and spend a good amount of time trying to decide from Merlot to Pinot Grigio to Red Rose - red or white - Italian, Spanish or made right here in the USA.

Make no mistake – that while Davie, Deerfield, Margate, Pompano Beach, Tamarac and Wilton Manors’ locations are impressive and thriving – it’s the two in Hollywood – and in the newly re-opened Skylake Shopping Center in North Miami Beach – that have been thriving for years.

“What we have done is get to know the customers in each and every location,” Reddy explained. “Kosher wines and Vodka; Australian wines; Icelandic Beer; Russian vodka as well as beers.”

Hollywood East (just north of Johnson Street on U.S. 1): Extensive selection of beers, wines and spirits of all brands, regions and prices.

This store is so convenient – with a large parking lot and plenty of great information inside. Planning a party? They have it all. Large selection of sodas and juices, snacks and plenty to choose from. From the beaches to I-95, this is indeed the place to go.

Hollywood West (just east of 441 on Johnson Street): This is a huge store that is truly one of the nicest you will go into. Spacious aisles, large selection and tempting displays. Plenty of cold beers, wine coolers and other beverages. Friendly service.

North Miami Beach (Skylake Shopping Center): Open eight months now in a new location, this is easily one of the best locations you will find. Right in the middle of the always busy Skylake Shopping Center, the choices are endless and the service is first class. Russian beers, Kosher wines, vodka and everything else under the sun. Big outlet for Lotto, cigars and cigarettes.

North Miami Beach - Skylake
1664 Northeast Miami Gardens Drive
North Miami Beach, Florida 33179
Facebook: Hollywood Discount Liquor