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Sun Times Feature Story

Sun Times Issue 07.18.2019

Plant-Based Festival To Be Held July 28 At Gulfstream Park

By Marylynne Newmark

We all want to live a long and healthier life, right? If you haven’t already started this journey, now is your time. And, if you already are on track, you have an opportunity to enrich your trip.

The very first PLANT-BASED FESTIVAL, sponsored by Hallandale Beach City Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub and The Village at Gulfstream Park might be the game-changer that points you in the right direction.

“It will be a day of food, drink and fashion,” says the Commissioner,” that can direct people to live happy, fulfilled lives while making positive contributions to the community.”

Alex Schreer, Director of Experiential Marketing for Madison Marquette who represents The Village at Gulfstream Park, informed us that Champion’s Plaza at Gulfstream Park will be transformed into a village of food trucks, consumer goods, and some surprises still in the works.

Food vendors will be serving unique delicious vegan and organic food. Eco-products and plant-based clothing, as well as oils, soaps, plants, and hemp products will be available. Healthy drinks will be accessible at several sites. Festival promoters recommend that you consider bringing your own reusable water bottles, cups and utensils as an environmental consideration.

“All during the day, Main Stage at Gulfstream Park, will be the center point for DJ music, presenters, celebrities and speakers,” says Alyssa Jones-Wood, Green Initiatives Coordinator for the City of Hallandale Beach. Presently confirmed as keynote speakers are Michelle Larea, Nutrition and Diabetes Educator at Aventura Hospital’s Diabetes Outreach program and Commissioner Lima-Taub, initiator of the Plant-based Festival concept.

There also will be an “Express Yourself” tent, ongoing workshops, as well as wellness, fitness and sustainability activities for adults and children to liven the day with some interactive fun.

Why an emphasis on Plant-based living?
According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) International Medicine in 2016, high animal protein intake was positively associated with cardiovascular mortality, whereas high plant-based protein intake had just the opposite effect, especially among individuals with at least one lifestyle risk factor.

Many studies since then have shown that modification in a diet that reduces red meat shows a marked decrease in cardiovascular incidents, resulting in an increase in longevity.

As far as the environmental impact of a meat-based society, the Hippocrates Institute, named in honor of the ancient Greek physician who recorded the first medical case studies, printed a report back in 2012 stating that “Greenhouse gases attributed to livestock are more than double that of transportation emissions.” The report also noted that livestock are fed 35% of the world’s grains, while large pockets of the world go hungry. And that was back in 2012.

There are countless books and a myriad of literature available online to know more about plant-based living and the positive effects of vegan diets; you can start with the International Vegan Association website. There also are many podcasts and software avenues that educate and assist in resources and competitive pricing for vegan foods and plant-based products.

But, as a real starter, you can begin face-to-face with experts, information and resources right at your fingertips on Sunday, July 28th from 11 AM to 3:30 PM at The Village at Gulfstream Park. Join the City of Hallandale Beach on a day that may impact your life, but most importantly, improve your health.

For additional information, visit or Alyssa Jones-Wood, Hallandale Beach Green Initiatives Coordinator at 954-457-1617.

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