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Mayor Joy Adams

Giving Back To

Our Community

By Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Adams

I am very proud to be part of this wonderful City that continuously gives back to our community. The holiday season is the time to show gratitude and to come together as one to ensure that we all have a great holiday celebration. During the last few weeks, I have witnessed selfless acts of kindness of many people which I am very grateful for. From businesses within our City to residents and City employees, many individuals have contributed to ensuring that our community had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

The week of Thanksgiving was a week filled to giving back to our community and helping our residents. On Tuesday, November 26, Commissioner Limb-Taub gave out an early Thanksgiving dinner to an after-school tutor program, which I was delighted to witness. The following day November 27, again Commissioner Lima-Taub and I continued the meal giveaway at the Gulfstream Early Learning Center. Over 170 meals were packaged and given out to residents and others with the assistance of Steve Carlo, Christine Moss of Gulfstream Early Learning Center along with her children, and a few others.

I bought and distributed 100 turkeys along with the additional donation of 40 turkeys from our local Hallandale Walmart. Turkeys were distributed to CoHB residents and local churches. It was great being able to help many have an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Manager Chris Heron not only donated the additional turkeys, but he has pledged to aide in the 'Shop with the Cops' which will take place on December 14. Also, a special thank you to Steve Page and Rickey Bruno for their assistance.

The efforts did not stop there. Local partners such as the Kiwanis Club of Hallandale Beach and Steve Cummings were able to donate turkeys to St. Matthew Church that was coordinated by Community Advocate Pat Stevens for Attorney Robert J. Fenstersheib's Firm. Additionally, to the donation of turkeys to St Matthew's Church, the firm fed over 100 families with an early Thanksgiving gathering on November 26th. Families gathered to eat and socialize before being given a turkey for the holiday season! Again, special thanks to Community Activist Pat Stevens and Eve Paul for making this event a great success.

As your Mayor, I respected the privacy of the donation recipients. I wanted everyone to be comfortable receiving help therefore I opt out taken pictures while giving out the donation. My main priority was to aide where I can to ensure everyone had a great holiday. Giving back and contributing to our community is not only limited to the holiday. Recently, our Teen Zone at OB Johnson Park partnered with ELLA (Earth Loving Live Activism) to cleanup 8th Ave/Dr. MLK Jr Blvd from Ingalls Park to OB Johnson Park. The event was organized by Mr. Gasper Kalathungal, a resident of Hallandale Beach and creator/member of ELLA. Mr. Kalathungal is looking to do events like this once a month to encourage others to come out to do the same.

We are always pleased to see businesses give back and help our community. On November 20th, members of Chen Medical Center (410 E Hallandale Beach Blvd) volunteered with the City as part of a Day of Service! Volunteers split up between a beach clean-up and a service-learning activity with our Austin Hepburn Community Center after school kids. The organization brought out more than 30+ participants to conduct the beach cleanup along South City Beach. The service-learning activity consisted of constructing terrariums made by the after-school participants of the Austin Hepburn Community Center and volunteers. Materials were donated by Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement of Pembroke Pines for the terrarium activity. All terrariums were donated to local nursing homes and hospitals to share the Thanksgiving spirit. In addition to these activities, Matthew Lorenzo of Chen Medical also participated in a community clean up along Foster road with Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana. I thank the organization for this kind gesture.

The HBCRA has partnered with the Hallandale Beach Police Department (HBPD) to develop a Public Safety Strategy designed to enhance community relations, take advantage of technological improvements in modern policing, and harness existing resources to achieve a safer living environment for the residents, as well as businesses and visitors to the City of Hallandale Beach. As part of this effort, the HBCRA has created individual Quadrant Safety Boards (QSBs); one for each quadrant in the HBCRA. The Northeast Quadrant, The Southeast Quadrant, The Northwest Quadrant, and The Southwest Quadrant.

The four Quadrant Safety Boards (QSB), one for each quadrant, will comprise of five residents, property owners and/or business owners as members of each Board. Prospective QSB members can complete an application on the City website or obtain the board application packet at City Hall. The implementation of the QSBs will allow residents in each of the HBCRA quadrants to have a voice in the development of safety measures in their community, as well as increase access to City staff and their expertise, and possibly acquire funding to finance redevelopment projects.

As we are in the holiday season I am aiming to provide as much as I can. I will be conducting a Sneaker Drive, collecting sneakers for children aged 2 years old up to high school-aged children. The collected sneakers will be distributed to different schools, homeless shelters, and churches as needed. Brand-new sneakers can be dropped off at St. Matthew Church located behind Publix at 542 Blue Heron Dr, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. If you are not able to drop off donations you can contact me directly at (954) 457-1318 and I will arrange a personal pick up.

Get your voices and opinions heard at the next Commission Meeting on December 18, 2019, at 5:30 PM in the City's Commission Chambers. Be sure to follow the City of Hallandale Beach on all social media platforms and/or visit the City's website at for all up to date information.

Human Trafficking is at an all-time high. Sadly, this horrific crime is happening right here in Florida. Always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. People are often distracted by their phones or caught off guard performing simple task such as putting away groceries in your vehicle. Make sure that you're aware of what's going on around you so that you can spot when something is off. A tactic that has recently been used was placing zip ties on victim’s window wipers or rearview mirrors. Please do not attempt to remove the ties instead go to a safe well-lit location such as a police station or gas station. Victims are being taken while attempting to remove the objects. Please remain vigilant!

As always enjoy our wonderful City and stay safe!