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Hallandale Beach

Mayor Joy Cooper


By Mayor Joy Cooper 


Dear neighbor,

   Hope this greeting finds you and your family prospering in your neighborhood and our tremendous city. 

   It is an honor serving as your Mayor. We have some great projects taking place in our neighborhoods and throughout our city. Your commission has been moving forward in a positive manner. I would like to say that we are shenanigan free and perhaps the best we ever been. It is been refreshing that over the past two years, there has been no negative politics, misinformation, fear mongering or simply dirty politics. Regretfully, negative politics is trying to rear its ugly head again and I need to make sure everyone knows what the facts about our city are. We do not need to move backwards! 

    We have had clean audits, we are not being investigated. Four years ago, Mr. Keith London filed complaints about Commissioner Anthony Sanders and our CRA. It was obvious that he was playing politics with our city, gearing up for his election. Hopefully you will recall, it was one of the most distasteful campaigns this city has ever seen.

   Even though, the OIG did not have jurisdiction in this City, we cooperated fully with the investigation. The OIG made recommendations to us that we had already implemented on from our own audits, well before this was even concluded. This witch hunt actually cost all of our taxpayers money! Your hard earned dollars and city staff time was utilized defending our City's position and working with the OIG for a year. 

   Still, after two years have gone by, he is back to spread misinformation about our city and the recent budget that is just not right. We have a professional management team working every day.  You have a hard working commission that cares deeply about our community and guards every dollar. 

   While some claim that they are watching your money, I am proud to say that our budget is one of the best - if not the best - in the City’s recent history. We lowered the city tax rate and have not used any reserves. This is another bit of misinformation that Mr. London continues to spread, making himself look great during this campaign. We actually contributed to our reserves this year and increased the level of services. We have not increased ANY fees and continue to guard your taxpayer dollars. 

   The city has also placed on the ballot the PARK GO Bond. We have added three new parks this year and one that is being built by a developer.  ALL ON TIME AND UNDER BUDGET. 

   We cannot use CRA dollars to complete all of our parks. We hired a third party financial expert to evaluate all of the alternatives to pay for the park improvements - the recommendation is the GO BOND. To complete the rest of our parks, we are asking the voters if they want to use government obligation bonds. The GO Bond will provide funding to finish all of our parks within 6 years. Depending on the taxable value of your property, it is only $84 on every $100,000 dollars of value. This is the best and most cost effective way.  We cannot build the parks in that time frame and it is projected that it would take 20 years if at all to build them. These are the facts.  

A YES VOTE will bring a world class park system right to our backyards. 

      I am voting YES and ask you to vote YES too!!! 

   It seems odd that you never hear anything away from the election, but as soon as the campaign begins, things start to come out that take the voters away from the facts and the reality that this community is in the best hands its ever been in, is being overlooked!

    I hope we will all come together to work towards an even better Hallandale Beach!

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!

Mayor Joy Cooper


  In light of so many positives in this city, I believe that there is no reason to make any changes on something that is best for the residents of this City. Vote to keep Commissioners’ Anthony SANDERS seat #1 and Leo GRACHOW seat #2. It is a proven win for you and our city! Also YES on the GO BOND!





Please remember it is hurricane season. Our city is ready, are you? Do you know that once a storm strikes our first responders must retreat until after the storm passes? That means there may likely be a time when you are on your own. Be prepared with water, food and other needs to sustain your health and safety.


As always feel free to reach out to me with your questions, concerns and ideas to make our city a better place. I can be reached at my office number: (954) 457-1318. You can call or text me on my cell at: (954) 632-5700. Or you can visit my web-site at: