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Hallandale Beach

Mayor Joy Cooper


HALLANDALE BEACH - By Mayor Joy Cooper City Manager Miller steps aside as Hallandale Beach continues to move in a progressive direction - This week’s article is a bit unusual, as I typically write about items after an action was taken by the commission. I decided to share with our readers, a Special Agenda item that was taken up yesterday due to its importance. These articles have a Tuesday’s deadline, so obviously, I cannot tell you the result of the item. No matter what the vote, our commission will be hiring a new City Manager.
   It is true that City Manager Renée Miller has decided to resign as of December 31st, we all were told on Monday of her intentions. I understand her reasons very well and I am very happy for her.
   It was sad that one Commissioner rather than sharing the news, suggested that there is a lack of leadership in our city. This statement was not only insulting to our staff, it is simply not true. There is certainly no lack of leadership in our city, it is quite the contrary. Our City Manager and staff are all great leaders in their own right and have worked hard to make it a great city. As Hallandale Beach Mayor, working for you and insuring continued success and stability in our city is paramount, it certainly is not the time for petty politics.
   Our city has been extremely successful due to the leadership of Renée Miller and the team that has been brought together under her years of service. The key to success in any organization is to create consistency. Mrs. Miller has establishes a great administration. Due to her leadership skills, we are fortunate to have managers and directors whom collectively bring to the table, a wealth of knowledge. This collective knowledge and ability to provide results is a tremendous asset, if not the most important asset of our city.
   The stability in our city as a result of her strong administration, is of the upmost concerns. Continuity is also key in light of our robust strategic plan and multiple projects underway and planned over the next 5 years. For this reason, I asked City Manager Miller, if there was a chance that she would reconsider her decision.
    As a mother and wife, I can directly relate to her reasoning and her choice to look towards more balance. The balancing is tough, but family should and must come first. I respect CM Miller immensely. I am also grateful for her dedication to this commission, employees and residents of our great city, Hallandale Beach. Her deep rooted passion for excellence is not without cost to her family.
   Changing the CEO of any organization needs to be as seamless as possible.  Stability is also key to our strong workforce and economic health.  After a robust debate I believe there is a scenario to preserve our workforce while transitioning to the next City Manager.
   The responsibility of hiring a City Manager will rest solely on our shoulders. It is to be an inclusive process and as Mayor, I wanted to proffer some suggestions as a way forward for our commission and city. It is imperative that we work together to maintain stability.  
   We have two of the best Deputy City Managers. I took the opportunity to speak to each of them about their desire to serve at the next level. After those discussions, I would like to offer the opportunity to our Deputy City Manager Daniel Rosemond to be supported as acting City Manager and then after negotiating a contract, be hired as City Manager in January.
   Daniel is a Certified City Manager. He has worked over the past years side by side with CM Miller and staff. He understands both the opportunities and challenges facing our city far better than someone from the outside. This transition will offer much needed stability and will eliminate uncertainly with the rank and file of our staff. It needs to be noted that Mr. Rosemond can provide continuity when it comes to our CRA. Which can be discussed by the CRA.
I have asked him to supply his resumé for your review.
   The next suggestion would be, to ask City Manager Miller to become a City Manager in Transition starting in January. This would be for six months. I had asked for a year but, she was willing to commit through the budget. She can work on specific projects and consult as needed during the budget preparation. Her working knowledge of the Parks Bond and the Complete Street initiative is critical.
   Since there is an existing, well-grounded working relationship between Daniel and Renée, they both agree that this would be a collegial arrangement. It will afford the commission an ideal scenario of smooth transition and retention of important institutional knowledge when it comes to budget and projects.
   While ICM Miller would report directly to CM Rosemond, the contract terms would need to be approved by this commission.  As a suggestion; Mrs. Miller would receive 50% of her current compensation, no PTO as her hours would be flexible and project driven, medical, vision and dental health stipend based on current employee costs, life and disability insurance, ability to participate in the employee 401K match, 50% of her car allowance.  All compensation will be concurrent with employment up to June 30, 2016. 30 day notice would be required and this position would not preclude her from working in a field that would not have direct or ethical conflict with city interests.  
   City Manager Rosemond’s contract would be negotiated with similar benefits to the current City Manager's contract.
I want to thank the commission in advance for their considerations and look forward to the discussion of this important matter.
    Again, I cannot tell you what the outcome was, but at a minimum our city will move forward with a bright future. Next week, I will share the results.
   As always, feel free to contact me anytime by cell/text at: (954) 632-5700. Or on my office number at: (954) 457-1318. I am always available. You can also e-mail me at: Or:

   My “OpenOffice” hours will not be held this Monday from 12 p.m.-5 p.m., but will resume next Monday, October 19th, 2015.